Three Lives. Two Deaths. One Story that Has to Be Told.

Profits from the sale of this book will be donated to Adopt-A-Golden Atlanta (AGA), which helps place hundreds of these wonderful creatures in loving homes each year, including more than 1,000 dogs that once ran wild in the streets of Istanbul, Turkey and two in particular that stole our hearts. 

Thank you Huck & Abby.


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In the days and weeks that followed the most unthinkable tragedy, holed up in my cramped, one-bedroom apartment, I began to write. At the encouragement of my therapist, it began simply as a journaling exercise. But soon, it became my obsession.

My closest circle of friends assured me they were never more than a phone call away, but I began to feel like such a burden. So for four, sometimes six hours a day, I opened a vein and poured my agony and bewilderment onto the page, vacillating between cathartic release and full-on hysteria, often falling asleep in tears, a bottle of red wine never far out of reach.

As I began to read the journal entries out loud to my therapist, he stopped me. “This needs to be a book,” he said. “You need to write a book. You could help so many others.” Doubting his sincerity and my own abilities, I pressed on, writing, unfiltered with the rawest of emotions.

While my journal had become my surrogate confidant and newest best friend, I had also become haunted by what I didn’t know and couldn’t comprehend. How could my wife of 24 years have perpetrated such a heinous, unthinkable act of violence? The police unwilling to cooperate and share their investigation, I began my own. Painstakingly I began tracing her financial transactions, calendars, emails, phone records, unearthing weeks and weeks of planning, stealthy surveillance and ultimately discovering a written confession of her murderous intent.

More than a true crime drama filled with the revelations of my wife’s state of mind and the shocking details of her obsession, fed by a sophisticated system of readily accessible electronic surveillance equipment, Irreparable is an emotionally charged personal memoir about our life together and how the tragedy of two deaths has torn the lives of so many apart—compelling me to take a hard look at myself in the process.

Brutally honest and poignantly tragic,  Irreparable: Three Lives. Two Deaths. One Story that Has to Be Told shares the lessons I have learned not only about myself, my marriage, and what I think we can all learn about the fragility of the heart, relationships and the dangers of electronic surveillance in the hands of someone desperate to know what sometimes is best not known.